A lot of airlines will tell you that bad weather can fall under extraordinary circumstances, which means that they will not give you any compensation for delayed flights, cancelled flights, etc. However, this is not always the case. There are many instances when you can still claim flight delay compensation even if the cause was bad weather. Here are some things that you should know about to help you get the compensation you rightfully should get.


Professional Assistance

One of the best ways to find out what kind of compensation you can get from an airline because of bad weather is by getting professional help from businesses such as airclaim. They know the ins and outs of what compensation you can receive, and they will push for the airline to give it to you. All you must do is fill up the form with the proper requirements and they will process your compensation claim for you. Just wait and you will get paid for the money that you rightfully should receive!

Extraordinary Circumstances

There are extraordinary circumstances where the airline does not have to give you compensation because of instances like bad weather, however it will vary on what kind of weather it is. For instance, an extraordinary circumstance with weather could be an ash cloud or thick fog because this can greatly affect the vision of the pilots and the airline cannot do anything about that issue. Adverse weather conditions refers to when the weather will be extreme, which will put everyone on the flight at risk.

There are some instances that could help you get compensation despite “bad weather.” For instance, everyone knows that it would snow at certain times of the year at certain parts of the world. The airline should therefore prepare accordingly during those times to avoid flight cancelations and delays. However, it might seem hard to tell the difference.

If something like a snowstorm occurs, then that is considered an extreme weather condition therefore it would fall under extraordinary circumstances. However, the airline might use bad weather as an easy excuse to avoid dealing with passenger’s compensations. You should not let that happen to you and make sure you assert your rights especially if the situation does not fall under an extraordinary circumstance.

Other Flight Compensation Claims

If you cannot get flight compensation because of extraordinary circumstances, you might be able to get compensation in other ways. For instance, if there was a technical issue involved with your flight that also caused the delay, then you can make a compensation claim for that. The airline would be required to give you compensation for that and it can vary on what is happening with your delay and your flight details.

Learning about how to claim compensation and when you deserve to get it is very important. You might get an excuse that does not give you the compensation that you should receive. Learn the information above to help you get paid back for any hassle that you had to deal with.